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New Optimus Keyboards are Ready for Pre-orders

First of the new keyboards to be released is Optimus Popularis. It has the size and the feel of the best notebooks, but every key can be programmed to show (or do) anything. Shipping in June 2012.

Optimus mini six has the same key size but only 6 buttons. Shipping in November 2012.

Optimus Aux uses the same keys as Optimus Maximus (but only 15 of them). Shipping in November 2012.

Visit us @ 2012 International CES (January 10 through 13, 2012 in Las Vegas). We'll be at the Venetian Ballroom, level 2, booth #70621.

Optimus mini six
Optimus Popularis
Optimus Aux

Taking pre-orders for Optimus mini six, Optimus Popularis and Optimus Aux keyboards

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Happy New Optimus Keyboards Year

Unfortunately, recent financial crisis influenced our production plans. Optimus Popularis is delayed for this very reason. Now everything is more or less predictable, so we're going to develop new products this year.

If you remember, before releasing our flagship Optimus Maximus, we designed proof-of-concept model called mini three (which was a success on its own).

This year, before the release of our new dream - Optimus Popularis - we'll release the smaller version based on the same technology as a big model. Currently it is called Optimus Mini Six. There will be six display keys, as one may guess.

Stay in touch.
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Optimus Popularis First Look

Ladies and Gentlemen, here's our newest display keyboard - the Optimus Popularis. We expect it to ship at the end of this year / beginning of next year for less than 1000 $ with pre-orders starting sometime later this year.

Now every key - even the space key - has as much screen real estate as possible. There's also additional screen area between F-row and the rest of the keys.

Optimus Popularis comes in compact form-factor without the dedicated numeric keypad section. We have special Fn key in the lower left corner that turns right part of keyboard into the page-up and num-lock keys, as well as the numbers arranged in a familiar calculator layout.

As usual, all the project details will be published here.

I'm open for all comments and can be reached at tema@tema.ru.
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La Resistance Lives On

After the global economic turndown we're still alive and full of plans. We're working on a new Optimus Popularis keyboard and hope to start production later this year (with the release likely in 2011).

Optimus Popularis' keys will be full-color, but not OLED this time.

Details and images to be published in June.