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New Optimus Keyboards are Ready for Pre-orders

First of the new keyboards to be released is Optimus Popularis. It has the size and the feel of the best notebooks, but every key can be programmed to show (or do) anything. Shipping in June 2012.

Optimus mini six has the same key size but only 6 buttons. Shipping in November 2012.

Optimus Aux uses the same keys as Optimus Maximus (but only 15 of them). Shipping in November 2012.

Visit us @ 2012 International CES (January 10 through 13, 2012 in Las Vegas). We'll be at the Venetian Ballroom, level 2, booth #70621.

Optimus mini six
Optimus Popularis
Optimus Aux

Taking pre-orders for Optimus mini six, Optimus Popularis and Optimus Aux keyboards

Tags: aux, mini six, optimus, popularis, pre-orders
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