tema (tema) wrote in optimus_project,

Optimus Maximus News

OLED production
I've been to the factory that produces OLEDs for the Optimus Maximus in Taiwan last week. Unfortunately they don't let any camera in, so I have to carry the impression in my mind. Looks quite impressive :-)

Keyboard Shipping
The first lot is completely sold-out. I would like to thank every early adopter for the trust they expressed by ordering a then non-yet-existing product believing we will make it. Orders will be shipping from December to January, depending on production speed. New lot is set to arrive in the second part of February 2008.

Keyboard Status
Hardware is almost ready. First keyboards to be shipped will be somewhat functionally limited, but we'll release firmware updates every month or so in the beginning, letting users to upgrade their keyboards.

New Prices
Next week we will announce a couple of configurations with pre-order prices starting at sub-500 and sub-1000 US$.

Public Demonstration
Those who missed our alpha-demo at our offline store opening in Moscow will be able to see the beta-demo of black and white-cased Optimuses at the Wired store in New York in the second part of November.

Optimus Models
This year we'll announce a couple of new Optimus concepts and a new model to be released next year.
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