October 6th, 2007

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  • tema

Optimus Maximus Current Status Report

Our OLEDs were approved for mass poduction early September. First lot should arrive late October/early November. There may be a slight shift in the schedule due to possible shortages of OLED controllers supplies, that are shipping to Taiwan from Japan.

At the moment the main priority for us is firmware development. We use LPC2888 Philips CPU, and Philips doesn't have any ready software solutions that we may use right away.

Optimus Maximus will ship with an SD-card of 512MB and the speed of 150x. SD-card is mainly used to store layouts for faster access.

Current version of the PCS was preliminary tested for CE and FCC approval. Optimus passed the tests.

Special shielded room for testing.

Green antenna sences the the radio interference produced by electronics.