November 10th, 2006

  • stranna

Optimus mini Configurator for Mac OS

Some readers of this community look forward for the moment of Optimus mini Configurator release for Mac OS.
As for me, I expect to play with Optimus mini on my PowerBook soon, too.

So, while programmers write code for the Mac OS version, interface designers think about UI.
Of course, we could just copy current Configurator interface with some insignificant changes, but even MS Office developers "have two development groups targeting different users on different platforms with the same general software solution".
And it may be a good idea for us to make Mac OS Configurator with the serious differences.

For example, although Optimus mini can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, now you can see horizontal keyboard in Configurator main window. But why not to draw it vertically?

Something like this:

By the way, how do you place your Optimus mini on the table?
цвет настроения синий
  • tema

Optimus 103 Layout

I do believe that the extended space-bar is the best thing since sliced keyboard.

And yes, we decided to chop off 11 extra keys on the left side because a) we and our future customers save 10% in costs, b) there are 15 confugurable function keys in the keyboard's top row, and c) there's Optimus Upravlator for everything else (apps launching being the easiest task)