tema (tema) wrote in optimus_project,

Optimus-113 Pricing

I know that many people are trying to guess or calculate the price for the upcoming Optimus-113 ('big') keyboard.

Some went as far as dividing the 160 US$ price tag for the mini three by three and multiplying it by at least 100 to get the fugure. Well, they're wrong. Mini keyboard actually uses very large keys about the area of four keys of a standard keyboard. Optimus-113 will use smaller screens with a resolution of a standard icon on a desktop - 32x32 pixels.

The price for the shipping unit remains withing range of a good mobile phone (but not $20,000 or $5,000 as some people may think after shopping for another Vertu).

And we had to make one very important decision during the engineering: we will not use OLED screens for the Optimus-113.

Another important thing: all keys will be replaceable.
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