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Some News

"Future MacBook keyboards may come loaded with in-key displays, capacitive touch sensors" - an article on appleinsider

BTW, Optimus Popularis ( is being mass produced but shipping is slow because we fine tune every unit's mechanics. If you've ordered one, expect it soon.

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Optimus Popularis Keypress Test


We're back on track with the production of our Optimus Popularis keyboard.

Now testing number of keypresses on one of the very first assembled models.

Popularis is not just an ordinary mechanical keyboard. It has extremely sophisticated, but unnoticeable and hidden mechanics for every key.

ебошу лук
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After CES

Thanks for everyone who came to see us and our keyboard!

To all the skeptics who say that we delay shipping of Popularis, may I remind that none of the multi-million-dollar Western companies could deliver anything close to what we do (just lame 3D concepts). And we are just a design studio in Moscow. Yes, we are the most successful design studio in Russia. But we don't pump oil, our business is design, we are still in Moscow, and all the money we spend on production is not from investors. So plus-minus one year makes no difference in the reality we live in.

Anyway, Optimus Popularis will be shipped this year. Electronics are ready, moulds are done, mass production is about to start.

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